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The CommonJS Contributors

Creating the CommonJS APIs has been a volunteer effort, and the people below have contributed their time and energy to creating a consensus around these APIs. Without working through the details and making compromises, we would never have standardized anything or seen any implementations come into existence.

The following people have contributed substantially to the work of creating the CommonJS APIs:

  • Ihab Awad
  • Ash Berlin
  • Aristid Breitkreuz
  • Kevin Dangoor
  • Daniel Friesen
  • Wes Garland
  • Kris Kowal
  • Dean Landolt
  • Peter Michaux
  • George Moschovitis
  • Michael O'Brien
  • Tom Robinson
  • Hannes Wallnoefer
  • Mike Wilson
  • Ondrej Zara
  • Chris Zumbrunn
  • Kris Zyp

My apologies to any contributor whose name was omitted. With thousands of messages of discussion during 2009, there are many people who have come and pitched in to the project with their ideas.

Additionally, thanks are due to all of the people who have been involved in building the implementations of the CommonJS APIs. Many of the people on the list above are implementers, but there are many other people involved in their projects and many other projects that are not represented here.

Thanks to you all for making this project a success!

Site Updates

  • // Formatting has been cleaned up around the site and on the Modules 1.0 page.
  • // This website has been replaced with a new one backed by the wiki so it can be edited by the whole commonjs community.
  • // We are no longer using the bulk 0.1 and 0.5 specification version numbers. Specs individually are marked as standards.

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